Dive Safari

For the dedicated enthusiast, a Dive Safari is definitely the most convenient way to cruise from island to island, diving in the top spots of the region – bringing you the excellent opportunity to see a minimum of 3 dive havens in one single day.

 Dive Safari Details

Our Dive Safaris are conducted with the use of modernized outrigger boats called bancas. These vessels have been designed and constructed in a way that allows for very close approaches to shallow reefs and drop-offs.

A group Dive Safari begins by checking-in at a beach resort on a late afternoon to give you time to catch some privacy, to relax and to get ready for the next morning’s early departure. Contrary to live-on-board dive trips where there is just no escape from your dive “buddies”, ours will give you a lot of space and breathing room. So in the evening, you can either choose to relax in a hammock under the stars or join the other divers at the “bush-bar”.

We generally start a Dive Safari in Mactan Island, Cebu or at Alona Beach, Bohol. Our Dive Safaris are applicable for both short holidays and long dive vacations.


We always stay in nice and nifty beach resorts that are close to the best dive spots. Room accommodation is for twin sharing, in simple but clean spaces with electric fan.

Meals: Fees are inclusive of breakfast, lunch and dinner packs, snacks and tropical fruits. Beverages like water, coffee, tea, soft drinks, beer and some bottles of Rhum are also in the package.

What to bring: Few clothes including a rain jacket, batteries, and memory card for photographers, lots of sun protections like sunscreen, lip balm, sunglasses, and hat. Keep some Philippine Pesos on hand for dining, tipping and souvenir buying.

Minimum no. of divers is 6.
Maximum no. of divers is 12.


Sample of a Typical Itinerary

  • Day 1:  Arrival in Cebu, Check-in at Diplomat Hotel
  • Day 2:  Depart for Cabilao Island, Dive Cabilao
  • Day 3:  Dive Cabilao, Transfer to Balicasag Island
  • Day 4:  Dive Balicasag
  • Day 5:  Dive Balicasag, Transfer to Siquijor Island
  • Day 6: Dive Siquijor
  • Day 7: Dive Siquijor, Transfer to Dauin (Negros Island)
  • Day 8: Dive Apo
  • Day 9: Dive Apo or Coastal
  • Day 10: Gas Off, Outdoor Activities (Visit to Twin Lakes, City Tour)
  • Day 11: Transfer to Cebu via Fastcraft or by land

5 Days & 5 Nights (3 islands on one holiday)

  • Day 1: Arrival Cebu, Transfer to Bohol (Alona Beach)
  • Day 2: Dive Balicasag
  • Day 3: Dive Sumilon, late afternoon transfer to Dauin (Negros Island)
  • Day 4: Dive Apo Island
  • Day 5: Departure for Manila