Getting Here

If you plan on arriving from Manila, you can take Cebu Pacific Airlines which flies three times daily from Dumaguete and vice-verse.  You can also visit their website at for more informations about their fare packages and more. Aside from Cebu Pacific Airlines, there is also another airline that’s called Air Phil Express which was Philippine Airlines before that also flies two times daily from Dumagueteand vice-verse. You can also visit ther website at for more informations.

These are the flight schedules from each airline that flies from Manila to Dumaguete and vice-verse.

Flight Details (Cebu Pacific)

Manila to Dumaguete                                                    Dumaguete to Manila

7:10 A.M.             8:25 A.M                                              8:55 A.M              10:10 A.M

10:45 A.M            12:00 N.N                                            12:30 P.M            1:45 P.M

3:00 P.M              4:15 P.M                                              4:45 P.M              6:00 P.M

Flight Details (Air Phil Express)

Manila to Dumaguete                                                    Dumaguete to Manila

07:00 A.M            08:25 A.M                                           08:50 A.M         10:10 A.M

1:40 P.M              3:05 P.M                                              3:50 P.M              5:05 P.M


If you plan on arriving from Cebu, there are two options:

1.) Ocean Jet fast craft
Cebu to Dumaguete

6:00 a.m. and 3:35 p.m. daily

Dumaguete to Cebu

7:30 a.m. and 2:20 p.m. daily

2.) Private van from Mactan International Airport to Liloan, Santander. Each van can accommodate up to seven divers with their dive bags. The package cost for the van trip is PHP 4,500.00, and the trip takes approximately 3 hrs. 30 min. From Liloan to Sibulan Wharf you take a fast craft (numerous regular daily trips) for PHP 65.00 per person, the trip taking approximately 25 min. The resort van will then pick you up for the 30 min. drive to the resort.