Nick and his group

Nick and his group of divers from Malaysia visited Diveworx for the 2nd time

Nick and his team visited Diveworx for the second time around. The last time they came was four year ago and this time they came back and dove with us again. The group stayed for one week and they dove for 6 days of diving. They experienced the mack dive at Dauin, they also experienced Apo island, also the whale shark at Oslob and Sumilon island as well and lastly they also did the wall dives at Squijor island. During their trip they enjoyed a lot because of the diving spots that we offered for them especially the mack diving at Dauin. And also it was a great experience for them that they dove with the whale sharks at Oslob because they saw about more than 5 whale sharks during the dive. So all in all, they really enjoyed their diving trip and they are looking forward to dive with us again!